The wind, rain, snow and other elements that attack our homes each year will cause havoc if we don’t take the time to protect our home.  Doing general maintenance on our homes will help to keep this damage to a minimum and or allow us to speed up repairs if damage does occur.  Taking action and looking for replacement window grilles, shingles and even touch up paint will keep us stocked and ready for repairing our homes when damage occurs.

Weather stripping

To help keep out the cold air and to help prevent air from escaping out of the house e will want to install some weather stripping.  The weather stripping will create an air tight seal between doors, windows and other openings in the home.  When installing weather stripping make sure that any old material is removed before installing the new. 


Look around the house for areas that are showing light.  With some caulk you can easily seal up these holes and create a water tight seal.


Installing plastic on the windows and as protective moisture barriers will help keep the house cool and free from leaks.  Installing new plastic each year will help keep any holes and rips from expanding.  Also, when installing plastic make sure it is thick enough to create a nice barrier.  Don’t use chap thin plastic.

Get an inspection

replacement window grilles

Our eyes aren’t as good as they used to be.  Plus, we might not know where to look to find these problems.  Hiring someone to come out and do an inspection on your home is a great way to locate any problem areas that may exist.  Leaving these to chance can cause larger problems down the road.

Take care of it now

Don’t stand by and let things get worse or push it off till tomorrow.  The longer you wait the harder the task will be and the more damage that could have been created.