air conditioning service atlanta ga

They say at least once a year. That should do it. But do not be surprised to learn that the air conditioning service atlanta ga company’s maintenance and inspection technician advises ‘every other year’. Do not be misled by that recommendation. Take it to literally mean, every second year at least, just to be sure. To only require an air conditioning system to be serviced after that length of time may be saying something about the confidence in the system’s condition and its capabilities.

And calling over an air conditioning technician every second month to do a diagnostics run on your AC could mean two things. On the one hand, you may have almost no confidence in your material possessions or in your own abilities. That would be extreme and hardly ever the case. But on the other hand, something could be seriously wrong with the air conditioner. And that has been happening a lot.

Perhaps it could even be said that an AC technician that is over at your place every second month is not doing his job properly. If the maintenance inspection was done thoroughly and correctly the first time, corrective problem-solving solutions would have been proposed and, on balance, having made complete sense to the client, would have been implemented. And if the AC technician did have to carry out repairs, or perform a replacement installation, that job, along with the parts and components, would have been placed under warranty.

This is usually what happens when you are being serviced by an accredited, licensed, registered and fully qualified maintenance, repair and installation air conditioning technician. After your very first maintenance inspection such a technician will certainly let you know when the next inspection is due.